Saturday, 30 June 2012

God’s grace – love

By the sunshine of his love,
god paints on our clouds
the rainbow of his grace.

PS. This is one of my favorite photos collected from internet and I find it appropriate to my words. Hope u all enjoy my posts and thanks so much for visiting and sharing u r comments. :)

Have a nice weekend!
Hugs and kiss

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lying inside

Lying in the wet grass,
him still beating
inside me.


Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday movie: Piranha 3DD

Got to watch Piranha 3DD along with my bf Subbu in IMAX Theater here on Sunday and I have seen Piranha 3D in 2010 but wanna know what the other D stands for – double everything! I wasn’t enjoyed quite unlike the previous one which was very thrilling and wonderful with Steven R. Mcqueen’s performance and the only thing left for now was cheap thrills and cheesy fun. Wearing 3d glasses things come so close to avoid impossible and scary, but I think subbu enjoyed watching things so big! Lol

The movie leads are the fishes with ferocious teeth, big breasts and blood! What make different between the D-D is the location where it’s no longer Lake Victoria but water-park called the Big Wet. In case you don’t get what still, the lifeguards are strippers and there’s also an adults only section with naked women.
The killer fish go through some complicated underground cave system and somehow end up at the park. After which, it's all severed limbs and screaming. There are piranhas biting into unmentionable body crevices and one man is forced to cut off his own body part because a fish has clamped on it and won't let go. One must watch the movie to get know what part it is!

The acting and dialogue are just awful. The body parts flopping around are to fake to be frightening and even the fish don't have much bite. The only spark of life here is the most famous celebrity lifeguards of television show Baywatch-star David Hasselhoff, who get into action right at the end… slowly like Baywatch style!

Watch just for fun, mostly recommend for guys.


Friday, 22 June 2012

Peace pool

PS: Picture from Dan, an expert in underwater photography from CA, USA.
Cool and deep the pool
in the wooded meadow
invitingly crystal
like accumulated dew
gathered by lascivious gods
I bath in peaceful abandon.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs and Kiss

Monday, 18 June 2012

Father’s Day

Fathers are greatest gift in our lives and they teach us everything holding our hands and they give us sufficient wealth to support our health and knowledge and courage to look ahead any stamina and teach us moral values that inbuilt good and healthy attitudes.

Father’s Day is only once a year, but for me he’s someone who is always there in my heart and blend in mind… so far and forever.  I miss my dad so much and this world seemed terrible during the time he passed and  even I am slowly backed to normal, lost him 8 year back to severe heart stoke, is pain whenever thinking about him and it’s a disaster that stroke our happiness and peace.

But reading about Father’s day in blogs and face book and seeing many wishing their fathers, I feel very sad that I couldn’t able to greet my dad on this day, saying I love you’ and kissing his cheek like how I used to be until his last breath and even If I want to say sorry for anything done wrong then, he’s not there anymore seeing me regretting and I know no more feeling can bring back my father, but I wish and for pray for him.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there esp. those in my father’s age.

Hugs and Kiss

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Piece of stud

Picture by Shilpa,on a young girl's stud
A small piece of stud
turns the belly button...
stunning and elegant.

I have been navel pierced some times before with a piece of stud and later I wore a ring and then a butterfly belly bar.  But I felt removing it lately and so come down for just wearing a stud whenever I like and for family functions and celebrations. I think it’s something cool and fashioned.  

I will post my photo worn to stud later, as i have no one at moment to share...
Thanks for all your visits and sharing
Hugs and Kiss

Sunday, 10 June 2012

About Me and Travel

I am a fun loving, very sweet, cute, cool, smiling, charming girlfriend, sister, daughter, traveler, Fashioner, photogenic, love taking photos, dancer, movies buff, passion on music…  My favorites are parting, beaches, swimming…  Professional a photo/video editor, work as one of assistant of conducting media workshop.
Me and my boyfriend Subbu
I  get the chance to blog, since my boyfriend Subbu decided to quite blogging as soon he began… what he does many a time in lack of patient and work conscious. Hope u all support me as what u did for him. Cool
Let me share few of my pictures from the travel to Lankan Island couple of months before…

Subbu wasn’t there along with me on this travel but still it was wonderful with the companion of few travelers.  We stayed in a resort along the sand shore… for the first 4 night and the sky was impressively pretty blue throughout. 
This is Krish, who travel along with us and her husband tomas. The couples were very friendly and lovable… and it was fun spending a week-long trip with them. We took to pools and beaches for swim and relax waking along the shores.
Krish giving post for me standing in near of fishing yachts… it was sunny day, but it was lovely indeed with pretty blue sky and blowing sea breeze. I like to share more photos on the trip which I will do in following days.

Hope u guys all had wonderful weekend! Feel free to share u r comments without fail :)
Hugs and Kiss