Friday, 31 August 2012

Capture the colors!

Ashok has invited me to participate in the Capture the Colors contest by TravelSupermarket and I decided to post on it. I have picked some random photos from my albums according to the colors and I hope you all enjoy the photos taken at various places on my travel. Pls share your thoughts on it and do click the pictures for enlargement :)

Flowers from vase.

Buddha statue, Hussain sagar lake.

A folk art performance, a resort in Sri Lanka.

A samba dancer in Rio de Janeiro. 

At public garden, Hyderabad.

A drop on green leaf, Sri Lanka.


Golden bridge of San Francisco, taken during my first visit to US.

A beautiful red lace bikini top, Mumbai.

A new fishing boat, Sri Lanka.

Blue pool.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sunday movie: Jism 2

Weeks after the release, I and my boyfriend finally went to watched Jism 2 in IMAX here last Sunday and more than watching the movie I enjoyed being with him that evening.

The Jism 2 unfolds on screen with topless Sunny Leone introduces herself as Izan... leaving audience to hooding for the woman who not only let men go weak on their knees, even women can’t help but admire her raw sex appeal. ;)

Jism 2’ starts with Izna, a porn star, narrating her story on her deathbed where Izna earns her daily living by sleeping with men at random hotels. Ayaan, who sleeps with her one night convince her to do ‘desh ki madad’ by approaching her ex-lover Kabir who is now an assassin wiping out prominent figures from the political and security arena.  Izna went down all the way to Sri Lanka with the aim to extract Kabir’s secret data that helps him in helming all his criminal activities.
Gorgeous Sunny Leone on a bed scene
The story may be not to be distinct but the screenplay is quite well-written though; keeping aside the few aesthetically shot sex scenes in the film and Leone’s cleavage show, it is unfair to bracket it as an erotic or a sleazy film. Sunny Leone - the new heartthrob of millions in India is not that bad and she has put an effort in her debut Hindi film. Sunny looks gorgeous, fresh, and convincing onscreen.

Since, Sunny Leone claims herself to be a porn star, there is hardly any scene that shows her getting filmed while doing the act!  But, she is shown sleeping around men to earn just bread and butter.
Like most of Bhatt camp’s films, this one too has soulful music which strikes the right chord in one’s heart.  Jism 2’ is worth watching - for the bikini clad Sunny Leone of course!

Hugs n Kisses

Friday, 24 August 2012

Your lips

When your lips find mine
I feel so at peace
to hear your heart beating
is a priceless beat worth hearing.

I could stay here forever
and dream of nothing else
nobody can tell me no
because with you I'm home


I was so busy with work... so couldn’t catch-up with you all.
Hope you all doing fine
Have a great weekend

Hugs n Kiss

Friday, 17 August 2012

Your kisses

Your hands around my waist
mine upon your shoulder
yet somehow we are floating.

Your kisses are amazing
so soft and sugar sweet
what seemed like forever.

I can never wait for your kisses
as soon as ones have done
kiss me forever my dear.

(The photo is from internet. Isn't sweet? :) hope u enjoy the post )
Hugs n Kisses

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

RIP Prabuddha and My Favorite Photos on his Capture

One of the greatest fashion photographers of India, and the one I admire, Prabuddha Dasgupta, passed away on Sunday and he’s just 56 year old. The self-taught photographer is known best for celebrating the female form, be it through his artistic nudes or his deeply moving monochrome images. He also has a few books to his name, and the most celebrated and debated of which is his first, titled Women, and published in 1996.

He has shot for leading Indian and international publications, such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ, and his works have been exhibited internationally. He is also the recipient of several awards and grants, including the prestigious Yves Saint Laurent grant for photography.

His work as individual perspective have never failed to amaze me with its simplicity and he’s very creative and his work on women, nudes, nature and Goa are exemplary! What was really special about him was that he doesn’t follow the rules of photography and he used to twist and bend the rules, and if a picture was grainy or out of focus, he would turn it to his advantage.

Here I share few of my favorite photos captured by him! For me there's a lot of photos by him as favorite and i should say i adore every shot by him and they are unique. 
Lakshmi Menon for Vogue Magazine India
One of a sensual shot by Prabuddha... just adorable!
Pretty shot on a pregnant women... isn't she gorgeous?

Let all wish for his soul rest in peace! Hope u all enjoyed the lovely 
photography by him.

Hugs n Kisses

Monday, 13 August 2012

Let me asleep

It doesn't matter to me 
if it’s day or night 
I can fall asleep whenever, 
because dreaming of you 
is a beautiful feeling

So let me sleep forever 
I’m feeling for your touch 
loving it so much 
it makes me come alive 
you’re my oxygen to survive.

The photo is one of my favorite I found  on internet, that captures my feeling and i believe a photo gives a touch and feeling to thought expressed in words. Thanks for all your visits and I really enjoy reading your thoughts... Feel free to share Friends :)

Hugs n Kiss

Friday, 10 August 2012

Sensuous touch

Rain, sensuous touch
and overall the sensible intimacy
only let the temperature
reach at the boiling point.


Hugs nd Kisses

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Droplets on leaves

I captured these photos during my stay in Sun Resort at Lankan Island and the leaves bearing the water after a morning shower in sprinkler impressed me to shoot. Amazingly the droplets of water don’t stick to the leaves alike the lotus leaves!  Few of these leave went dry soon… so I need to spray some water in hand to get photographer. 

Hope you all enjoy my photos :) 
Thanks so much for the visit and comment. I really appreciate it a lot and it encourages me.

Hugs nd Kisses


Monday, 6 August 2012

Sunshine Award

I received the Sunshine Blogger Award from our dear blogger friend Ashok and I thank him so much for appreciating me with a blogger award.  I was glad knowing about this award when ashok mention in his comment and it was my first blogger award and I never know there are awards to appreciate bloggers.

I think I have to pass this award to few of my blogger friends… so I’m going on random to choose the friends who I feel more warm and friendly. That’s not mean other are not warm and friendly, but I have to go with few… others pls forgive me.

Here I go with awards presented to:

A warm hugs and kisses to all the award winners J

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lady Red

Lying on the couch
displaying her bright red dress
brash and so forceful

Attention seeking
everyone sees her moving
lady red temptress.
Have a great weekend guys... Thanks for sharing and i hope u all enjoy my posts!

Hugs nd Kiss